The meme game

I’ve been tagged! So here I am taking part in the meme game, which is a great way to get to know about people and have a little bit of fun on the blog.

Here are the rules:
How to play the meme game:
Basically, the idea is for each blogger who accepts the invitation to reveal three things most people don’t know about them and then to pass the ball to three other bloggers by tagging them. You will know when you are tagged!

So here are my three things.
1- When I began learning about blogs I was extremely sceptical. I had a hard time finding good examples and thought the whole weblog idea was anything but conducive to learning. I only persued the idea of blogging because I wanted to figure out what all the hype was about. And here I am!

2- The most inspiring place for me is on the covered terasse of a little house on the coast of Sardinia. I find peace and quiet and muse to write.

3-I am a course book writer and have co-written a series of books for English for Primary School, but someday I’d like to write a completely different type of book on that covered terasse in Sardinia!

Now I tag Annie B., Maru Diaz and Margrit

Now it’s your turn to tag three different people!
How do you tag them? Well, link their blogs to your meme post like I did above.
Then send them a message to make sure they know they’ve been tagged (you can do this on the ning).
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I’ve been tagged!

Berta tagged me in a a comment of the last post. So I will join in the Meme game

Alicia also tagged me a while ago for the meme game, but unfortunately, I was too busy for having fun. Now I’ve been tagged again, so here it goes long over due…

What was I doing 10 years ago?

Dealing with a 6-year-old and a 4-year-old, working at a small private language school and getting claustrophobia there. That’s why I started my distance M.Ed. ANd I’ve never regretted the time and energy invested!

5 things you have to do today:

Wel, since it’s already late, I certainly have to turn off my computer. I also have to call the cat in and give her some TLC. I have to (in the sense of ‘want to’) finish this post, get ready for bed and, I guess that’s it for today.

Snacks I enjoy…

I love wasabi peanuts, and can never say no to chocolate. I also enjoy any kind of snack someone has put energy into making and has an intense or complex taste.

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:

I would donate pretty much all of it to charity. At the moment portions would go to Doctors Without Borders, an organization I already donate to regularly, to another organization a friend of mine set up to train doctors and assistants in Africa, and then I would send some to the Matopo Primary School, which I am also supporting through my blogging together with the ETAS.

Of course, I’d want a bit to travel, but even a million would be too much for me. In the end, I’d probably take a bit of petty cash and that’s it.

Three of my bad habits:
1-avoiding my bad habits
2-denying that I can think of any

5 places I have lived:

Bozeman, Montana (USA); Pocatello, Idaho (USA); Seattle, Washington (USA) and Reussbühl, Switzerland

5 jobs I have had:

Cleaning a local senior citizens day center. A souvenir saleswoman. An au-pair girl for 2 months. A German teacher, then an English teacher (German is awfully hard to teach!) and now I’m a coursebook author as well.

6 people I want to know more about:

Jennifer – someone who’s become a good friend,

Cristina Costa can’t be missed. My first cyber friend!

JoAnn, who’s close by, yet we never get time to talk

Dennis/Dennos simply because I always love hearing from him

Kevin, since I’ve been in touch withlately, but really don’t know him (I must ask him how he manages to change the picture every day!)

And THE person for best sites: Larry Ferlazzo