FOC – one more definition

I read this and just couldn’t help myself.

In an online community, breaking the ice can be more difficult. Blogs are like puppies and gardens.

Wonderfully put, Shelley!


Facilitating-Online-Communities in short

Facilitating – from latin:  facilis – easy, ergo- to make it easier

see Greg’s blog post:

I believe we get caught in such a dilemma when we take Facilitating as an exclusive term. The dilemma is resolved once we go back to its basic definition as: “to make possible or easier” And this is where context plays a very important role, because in the context of ‘facilitating as making it possible or easier,” then we can be facilitating as Teachers when we make learning possible or easier, and we can be facilitating as Moderator when we make discussion or exchange of information possible/easier. In the same manner, we can facilitate as a Teacher when we make whatever we do (lectures, presentations, demonstrations, etc.) easier.

Online – common usage for using the internet, being connected through the internet.  Here connecting from computer to computer as opposed to face to face.

Community -from communis “common, public, general, shared by all or many,” (

Okay, time to move on.