Flickring away

I’ve been so busy reading other posts that my blog has become a bit neglected.

It’s also Fasnacht here (the equivalent to Carneval in Switzerland) and so I went to town to take some pictures for anyone interested. There is a slideshow you can watch if you click on the mask..

Fasnacht can be found in many places in Switzerland, but there the main places are in Lucerne and Basel. In Basel it is a bit different. There are pipers that parade down the street and at street corners and in the bars and restaurants they tell stories about what has happened politically and locally in rhyme. These are called ‘Schnitzelbank’. Most of the people on the street are dressed normally. Not so in Lucerne. Here everyone joins in the fun! In Lucerne it’s more of a cacophonic occassion. Scary masks are the rule, although this year there were many folkloristic themes. The music, also called Guugemusig, is loud and generally off key as a rule. There are usually horns and drums. But there are exceptions.

Here’s a video with one of the groups from last year.