2009 in a Sentence

The never-ending path of life

Well, this year is almost over. The days are getting shorter in my part of the world and the fields are covered in white.  It’s a festive time, a time when people long for light in their lives and enjoy the celebrations which bring their friends and family closer.

Since the year is coming to an end, I’d like to invite you to share something about your year before we move on to 2010. All variations are also kindly welcome.

Just post your sentence as a comment and on Sunday they will be released for all to read.

Here is mine:

Overcome illness  and rejoined family have helped me to focus and redefine my priorities, making time for the little joys in life and appreciating what is often taken for granted.

I am glad to say that my mother-in-law is now cancer-free and my darling son has come back from a year abroad a young man.

Thanks, Kevin, for bringing so many people together through A Day in a Sentence!


Your Day in a Sentence and Chinswing

Well, it’s Sunday and time to compile all those days that have been collected either here or over at Chinswing.

Matthew was quite busy and in need of a break from the break:

There is so much work to do on vacation; I’m ready for vacation.

As was Cristina

Today it was all about meetings, meetings and meetings!!Hoping 4 better days! ;-)

Anamaria was busy getting ready for a trip:

This weekend, I´m gonna pack for my trip to Fortaleza (Brazil) where I´m going to attend a conference and meet other members from Learning with Computers.

And our one and only Kevin was busy trying to remember passwords (also to be heard at Chinswing):

After working with kids in the morning on claymation movies and then teachers in the afternoon on (two) social networking sites, it occurred to me that our lives are comprised of way too many passwords into way too many systems, and wouldn’t it be nice to have a universal interface that would open the door for us into any piece of technology?

Sara was busy planning for the future:

It’s a true sign of my teaching psychosis that I’m already starting to plan for next year, now that I’ve found out I’m teaching *only* writing. Take a week off there, tiger!

And Murcha has just come back from what sounds like an excellent trip (also on Chinswing):

After an exciting week of travelling through Scotland, England and Hong Kong, I am finally home in Australia, catching up on all my online work and preparing for the start of term 3 next week.

Tracy had some good news this week – Happy Birthday!:

This week I … found out my dog has arthritis and not cancer as his vet thought, began the unpacking process after a move, interviewed for a new position at my school (still waiting…), and celebrated with friends as I turned 40. It’s been a full one )

Amy invites us all to join her class on voicethread:

This week I have had many KUDOS for the VoiceThread my 3rd graders created about Colonial America. Here is the link: http://voicethread.com/#q.b114961.i693296. Please visit and comment. My kids would love it!

And Mary seems to finally have some time off (enjoy!)

This week, I finished the last full week of classes for the semester here in Japan, but it was difficult to concentrate because of the hot, humid summer weather and the constant singing of cicadas!

Cynthia sounds up for some serious partying!

Wednesday we leave for Dallas to celebrate our grandson’s first birthday, but the celebration will not end there. We’ll be bringing our daughter Adair and Tommy LaRue home with us to celebrate not only his first birthday again with his great-grandmother, but also his grandfather’s 65th and his uncle Win’s 30th. So, right now, Larry and I are busy baby-proofing the house and sprucing up the yard. Whew!

And Nina shares with us a bit of sunshine:

Marvelous morning of the summer day-off opens doors for new thoughts, impressions, hopes for the fortunate day to be for solving problems.

Over at Chinswing Bonnie is waiting for her new iphone- We hope you got one and are having fun! And Delaine is thankful for the invention of air-conditioning. And, David, we hope next week will be a better one. In the meanwhile I’ve been enjoying the peace and quiet at home.

So, thanks, Kevin, for letting me host this week, and thank you to all of you who submitted both here and on Chinswing. I’m looking forward to the weeks ahead!

Hosting: Day in a sentence

Welcome to Day in a sentence!

I am glad to have the honor of hosting it this week for Kevin and am looking forward to hearing from those of you who have stayed home for vacation. If you are new to Day in a sentence, it’s easy. Just tell us about your day or week in a sentence (or two).

You can do this in the comments section (it’s moderated, and will be published on Sunday) or you can tell us about it on Chinswing as a recorded message.