My self

I am a previously US citizen gone European. I live in Switzerland with my family.

I’ve just started the 2007 EVO session and am looking forward to learning a lot from it.

Now I’m going to try moving a post to a page. I wonder if it will work. I decided it belongs to my self page. Now how do I move the comments?

I was invited to write 5 widely unknown facts about myself. Thanks for the invitations Janos!

Now I’ve been reading some of the comments about people who have already received and invitation and I have to agree that I generally don’t do things like this. However, I feel safe among friends (completely ignoring the fact that we are out there in webspace ;-)) so I’ll give it a try.

fact 1- I am very shy. Yes, I am. I hate calling people because I’m afraid they won’t have time to talk, and I don’t want to bother anyone. Here time isn’t really a factor, so it takes away some of my shyness, but I’m already confronted with the next problem of who to send the meme game to next. Who has already had it? Will they want to participate? Should I bother them with it? – see? I’m shy!

fact 2- I like pink wallpaper and curtains with big flowers on them. I once put pink boarders up in my room to the astonishment of all my friends, who can’t see how wallpaper can be attractive (they only know the old stuff, I guess), and are horrified by the idea of having it pink (well, dusty rose, really)

fact 3- I love reading comic books and children’s picture books and will grab the comics my kids bring home – any type will do! The one that has affected me most is ‘Just so stories’. I sometimes hear myself talking like that to my kids.

fact 4- … You didn’t read that – see, it’s crossed out.

fact 5- I’m very unorderly – but I’m working on it!

Now could someone tell me how to ‘tag’ the 5 other people? And what do they do if they’ve already memed? Are they supposed to reveal 5 more facts about themsleves?


9 Responses

  1. Illya, nice place you have here! I am Chicago born and living in Florence, Itlay with my family. Where are you in Swizerland? I like your photo on top…you have edited the original template photo…was that easy/hard to do? I wanted to inbed code in wordpress and found out that it was not possible…!


  2. Hi Susan
    I am a born Montana girl, raised in big city Seattle. I’ve been here near Lucerne for ages.
    I love Florence! Maybe I’ll find my way back down there and we can meet f2f 🙂

    Changing the photo was incredibly easy. First I went to ‘Presentation’ and then clicked on
    ‘custom image header’ There you can upload a photo and crop it with the tool wordpress supplies.
    You may not be able to do it with all the templates though. I’ve found that each template is very individual in what you can do with it.

    Can’t wait to see your picture!!

  3. well, I am REALLY curious about item #4!


    nice knowing you… some


  4. I’m a teacher of ‘English as a Second Language’. I live in Macau, a previous Portuguese colony but now an SAR of China. I’m a Catholic and enjoy working as a Sunday school teacher. I’m mother of two children.
    Nice meeting you!

  5. Dear visitor and fellow mother
    How nice to meet you here!
    I hope to see you here again sometime 🙂

  6. hello, illya i’m harold. thank you very much for your comment, i really appreciated it. as soon as i have a chance i’ll make comments on each one of your posts. i promise.

  7. Hi Illya,
    We met at in Luzern in Aug. I am the new YL SIG Coordinator…I have never blogged before but I decided to check out what it is all about… I like what you have done. I hope to be more active with ETAS overall in the New Year. At the moment I drowning in CELTA. I am in my 2nd week. It is going really well but I am exhausted. Anyway, I like what you have written. Also I would like to blog about my current learning experience. Is that possible to do through you? Thanks.
    Best wishes,

  8. Hello Illya

    I sense you are a very kind person behind the shyness – maybe an introverted extrovert or vise versa!LOL!

    Thank you for your comment and visit to my humble blog which I must post on soon to avoid dullness. I am almost afraid to read any one’s blog as they have sooooo much of interest to read, but there are only sooooo many hours in a day. I can see yours is one of them!

    Looking forward to “getting there” with what seems to be a lovely bunch of people.



  9. […] nudged me. The opportunity for conversation that drew me in –  educators I know f2f , others with whom I have collaborated online, names I have seen in other spaces and places and finally the […]

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