Get clickable!

I just listened to two podcasts, both very similar in content. The first was Steve Hargadon’s interview with Will Richardson, who thinks kids should be ‘clickable‘, and that it’s the teacher’s job of teaching the kids to be responsible in using internet skills.

Clickability – this is the way I understand it: Your presence on the web and the possibility of others to click on to what you are doing, saying, thinking, etc

I love the term clickability and have been giving it a lot of thought. Then I listened to the round table talk with Clarence Fisher, who had quite a similar position towards ‘clickability’, although he didn’t use this word.

What Clarence mentioned that made a deep impression, was that teachers have an obligation to teach pupils to act ethically on the internet. He mentions that his class has contact with a class in Lebabon and and that classes. They connect what’s going on in the world to how it affects children in these areas. They learn empathy.

Both podcasts stress how reading skills for internet communication has changed and is changing, and how much more important reading is becoming as a result of the new technology. Much more stress needs to be placed on deciding about the sites they encounter – can they be believed? what is the source? what is the position? is it serious? is it critical/ironic/etc?

WOW – who said reading is a skill lost on the youth?!