FOC08 reflections

THis post comes rather late, but before beginning new things I want to wrap up what’s over.

I was quite disappointed that I couldn’t finish the course, although time-wise it looked deceptively easy to take my time to complete.  However, even though I only go through about half of it, it really encouraged me to think. I reflected on what exactly an on-line community is and why and how it would need facilitating.

This sounds like a rather straightforward question, but in fact, it wasn’t. Questions such as the following arose out of it:

When does a group of people who meet on-line become a community? What level of intimit knowledge of each other does this imply, if any?

How long does a group need to be together to become a community? Is a learning group also a community? Does it have to be a long-standing group?

Why would a group need facilitating as opposed to moderating – and what is the difference between the two?

Many posts were written in my head as I considered these questions but was unable to write them on the blog.

I think that by way of reflecting, I have opened myself to new paths, and am excited to see where they will take me, but more of that in the next post.

I was sad not to have been able to do the practical work for the course, nor follow what others were doing, but who knows. Maybe a seed has been set for something else in this direction.

Thank you, Leigh, for the short time I was able to follow. I was able to learn from your examples.


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