FOC – one more definition

I read this and just couldn’t help myself.

In an online community, breaking the ice can be more difficult. Blogs are like puppies and gardens.

Wonderfully put, Shelley!


5 Responses

  1. OMG! The puppy in that picture is a-frikkin’-dorable. What a sweet lil’ trusting face. Reminds me of a puppy I had (that had me – from the first tail-wag) a long time ago. Too Cute. :o)

  2. Hi illya,

    You said on my blog:

    “In the end, however, it led me to know what I did NOT want a blog of mine to be and in the search and discovery phase that came after the course was over”

    That’s a bit unclear to me. Care to add something more?

  3. Hi again,

    For some reason, I didn’t paste the complete quote! Don’t know why. Maybe too busy?

    “I learned a lot about blogs, and became extremely sceptical of them.
    In the end, however, it led me to know what I did NOT want a blog of mine to be and in the search and discovery phase that came after the course was over, I slowly began to appreciate the power of blogging and the possibilitities to learning that blogging added.”

    I’d like to go further with this part of the discussion. What do you NOT want your blog to be?

  4. Hi Artie
    I’m very glad to continue the discussion.
    Now the question is – your blog or mine 😉

    I was given little direction in looking for a ‘good example’ and at first mainly ran into vouyeristic blogs and ones very much like diaries. I thought, I don’t want to read all this.
    Then I finally sifted into the educational blogs and found them mainly being used in one-way conversation, and very teacher-centered, used for giving homework and instructions.

    Finally I found one that I really liked. It was a class blog run by a teacher in Japan who asked her students to write a poem on the blog and comment on the other poems. The power of the poems and thoughtfulness of the comments blew me away. This, I finally felt, was something worth while.

    Since then I’ve seen many very good class blogs or colelctions of student blogs. There are two qualities that I find most appealling to them, though they might not always come together.
    1- freedom of expression and creativity. This is often a factor when it is an open task that is voluntary.
    2- the communication factor. What a powerful way of using a blog by new people onto it to encourage interaction between the guest and the students.

    Mind you, I’m an English teacher for adult foreign speakers, so perhaps I would have looked for other qualities if my situation had been different.

    What have your experiences been? What do you want your blog to be or not to be?

  5. […] like Dolores in this post, may prefer to ground their experience in theory. Illya may express some of her concepts through pictures or finding points she connects to in other posts […]

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