Reflections on FOC week 1

I didn’t really have any expectations about this course and how it would be run, but simply threw myself into cold water.

And I’m more than happy with what is going on. It looks like the discussions will be deep and the learning will be steep.

It has been an intense week with a lot of negotiating and getting the feel for the modes of discussion.

Besides introductions there has been a lot more going on.

On the one hand there has been the setting up of blogs, readers and other useful tools as well as the negotiation of whats and whys or why nots. The different levels of knowledge and experience in these areas have caused excitement, fear, motivation and struggling among the group as everyone tries to get a feel for the ‘campus’.

On the other hand a voice went up reminding us of the main topic of the course and asking where the facilitating came in, and whether it was lost under the whole techy aspect.

But what is facilitation? And how do we include those members who are quiet out there and feeling intimidated by the perhaps over-eager ones who start chatting away?

These are questions that have been raised and which I would like to have a closer look at in week 2 of this course.

I also hope to have more time to read through the other blogs and reflect on the way others have been experiencing the course.


4 Responses

  1. Hi. I am a long time reader. I wanted to say that I like your blog and the layout.

    Peter Quinn

  2. I was thinking… there are so many channels. Besides the formal ones, suggested by the organizers, there’s twitter and diigo and facebook + the buddy possibility that it’s a bit difficult to get lost, isn’t it. I mean, everybody can choose how to get through. Facilitating.

    I’m posting here:

  3. Hi Illya,
    I know what you mean. It can be quite confusing. I think the most important thing is to communicate not the method of communication. When we actually do facilitate Onine Communities the method of communication will depend on the student profile and the course we are facilitating.

  4. Hi. I was wondering what you mean by the phrase “modes of discussion?

    “It has been an intense week with a lot of negotiating and getting the feel for the modes of discussion.”

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