EDTAGS – social tagging for educational purposes

The website edtags.org is presented in the NECC 08 presentation from Tuesday at 11am called edtag.org: Academic Social Tagging to Aid Learning and Assessment.

The difference to delicious, blinklist and diigo is simply that this site was made by educators explicitly for educators, so it is more limited in this way, at the same time perhaps making it more accessible to some.

I’d be interested in your opinion, do you see this limitedness as an advantage or disadvantage, and why?

btw- this entry is being posted through diigo


6 Responses

  1. Hi Illya,

    Diigo has so many features as we’ve discovered over the past month. I also tried blogging from Diigo, but the format of my post needs some work. Kudos-yours looks really great! Thanks for sharing,


  2. Dear Illya,

    I took a look at edtags and it seems very straightforward, with a clean layout. I just love Diigo at the moment. It’s been serving me well as a connector to other educators’ resources and ideas, but for beginners it might seem daunting. Too many features and tools. So, edtags could be an option. I wonder what would be the benefit of using it instead of delicious, for example.

    Isn’t the blogging feature in Diigo cool? If I’m not mistaken you can set it up to have your bookmarks of the day automatically sent into a blog post.

  3. What a cool tool you have discovered in Diigo, Illia. Blogging from a bookmark site!!! Thanks for sharing.

    About Edtags, I have not seen how it is better than other social bookmark sites. To tell you the truth, I get quite upset when I am adapting to one thing and then something else comes up. I think I have to stick to what works for me at a certain moment, otherwise these constant changes drive me crazy.

    All the best,

  4. Illya,

    Your web presence just grows and grows. Can scarcely keep up with you, Nominally on the Diigo course, but falling behind. Life off the Internet very busy.

  5. Berta,
    I understand what you are saying about bookmarking and feel the same (one reason why I still haven’t signed up for facebook or other like sites).
    I actually chose to share Edtags because I can imagine sharing it with teachers who are not very ‘tech-savvy’ as a place where they can see the value of social bookmarking. It’s certainly a good resource if you are looking for something on teaching.
    I myself will, for the moment, stick to diigo as my main social bookmarking site until the next superb, ultra-flexible, multi-useful tool comes along 😉 (see post above).
    You have once again been an inspiration 🙂

  6. Carla,
    have you listened to the webcast yet? They give a pretty detailed explanation of why they set up edtags. I can see using it as a teacher trainer. However, at the moment, I too am enjoying diigo with you 🙂

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