The 21 days are over

I really don’t know how many people I motivated to join in the challenge, but not many contacted me. It was the first time for me to organize something like this, and I’m sure I stumbled into all the potholes. naja

Nevertheless, I feel a sense of success and happiness at what I saw happen with my private course.

After telling my class about the Matopo Primary School, they wrote a letter to give to the school head (who contacted me afterwards) and then went to each class in their school to tell the pupils about the school and that they are collecting school materials for this school and the children there.

Their enthusiasm was impressive and the result was over 10 school bags filled with pencil cases, rulers, erasers, etc etc.

In addition, they now know where Zimbabwe is (and Africa!), they have had the experience of presenting a project for a real purpose, and have gained an experience in ethics.

However, I also had to make a few corrections so as not to cement the stereotype of poor little African children. Not such an easy job considering the reality of many parts of Africa at the moment.

So in the end I do feel a bit of satisfaction. I have fulfilled a promise to myself, a friend and, most important of all, a little school in the heart of Zimbabwe.


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