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I’ve been so busy reading other posts that my blog has become a bit neglected.

It’s also Fasnacht here (the equivalent to Carneval in Switzerland) and so I went to town to take some pictures for anyone interested. There is a slideshow you can watch if you click on the mask..

Fasnacht can be found in many places in Switzerland, but there the main places are in Lucerne and Basel. In Basel it is a bit different. There are pipers that parade down the street and at street corners and in the bars and restaurants they tell stories about what has happened politically and locally in rhyme. These are called ‘Schnitzelbank’. Most of the people on the street are dressed normally. Not so in Lucerne. Here everyone joins in the fun! In Lucerne it’s more of a cacophonic occassion. Scary masks are the rule, although this year there were many folkloristic themes. The music, also called Guugemusig, is loud and generally off key as a rule. There are usually horns and drums. But there are exceptions.

Here’s a video with one of the groups from last year.


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  1. Great slide and video! I enjoyed them both.
    Here in Salta (Argentina) we also have parades for carnival, they are called ‘corsos’.
    They started long ago with people dancing and playing with water in the streets. Today it is far different. We have parades on the streets called Corsos. They are well organized, the groups that take part in the parade(‘agrupaciones’) rehearse through the whole year their dances and songs, and make masks, costoms and everything. In terms of the organization of the show it is similar to Rio de Janeiro, but the customs are far different. There are traditional ‘agrupaciones’ that have to do with our natives. They are my favourites. They wear native clothes with astonishing huge ornaments full of colourfull feathers over their heads that dance and sing native music. There are also ‘agrupaciones’ that follow Bolivian traditions, as there is a big Bolivian community in my province (We’re very close to Bolivia).
    It is very colourful and a lot of fun.
    Hope you liked my share,
    Patricia (Pato)

  2. Hi Pato
    Thanks for sharing. The newspapers here only show pcitures from the carneval in Rio de Janeio, so I’m always interested in hearing about other places as well. It’s also interesting the difference the climate has on the kind of festival. Here people need to dress up warmly to join.

    If you ever make a slideshow, please share it with me, as I’d love to see other carneval traditions.
    Greetings 🙂

  3. Hi Illya,
    Thank you for sharing your photos with us! Flickr gives us a great opportunity to share our special celebrations from around the world, and it would be really interesting to share cultural information through images in this way. In fact, I hope I can share some photos with you about special traditions in my hometown too!

  4. Hi Mary
    I’d love to see some pictures from your part of the world! Are you still in Japan? If you are, my personal wish is pictures of the blosoming cherry trees 🙂 I have one in front of my living room window and have always been fascinated by this particular festival.
    I can also see this kind of sharing as a wondeful opportunity for our students.

  5. Hi Illya,
    Cherry blossoms are so beautiful, and the festival you refer to is called hanami I have sent you a bubbleshare album via e-mail with our pictures from last year’s cherry blossom viewing in Kyoto. This year, I’ll be sure to post pictures on Flickr! Sharing cultural information is one of the great parts about using social media!

  6. Thanks, Mary!
    I’m looking forward to celebrating Hanami with you 🙂
    Distance is no longer a divider!

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