On being social and resolutions

This year my resolution is to help the school in a small village in Zimbabwe. A friend of mine from ETAS began a project to train teachers of the Matopo primary school and collect materials for this poor school. I was so moved by her dedication that I couldn’t help but want to contribute. The first contribution was the opening of the Matopo primary school blog. For every time this site is looked at, money from the advertisements will be sent to an account and then to the school.

However, this seems like dishearteningly little  compared to the need of the children. Therefore, I would like to get teachers using this project as a chance to offer their students a real purpose for using English, and at the same time collect materials for Matopo (see also etasblog). I think that much could be done for the needy in the world, and isn’t this also a way to be social?

It is clear to me that many other places in the world are in similar situations, and perhaps you, treasured reader, happen to know of such a project. Then I’d like to encourage you to start a similar project. In k-12 classes pupils learn about basic needs, other parts of the world and ethics. They see that the language they are learning can be put to use for a purpose, making the language come to life. At the same time another group of learners profit from basic school materials which they would otherwise have to do without. Paper, pencils, erasers, markers, pens, small blackboards, chalk. But if you look even further, then the vision grows as money is collected for laptops. Social awareness is not just a word. It is an action. I hope this post will inspire others of you to take part in a worthy cause, where ever you are.


3 Responses

  1. Very cool idea Illya and challenging…

  2. Hi Illya, thanks for checking out our blog about reflective teaching. I really liked this post about reaching out to schools in Zimbabwe. You don’t hear much about how education has been affected by Mugabe, but if it relies on the welfare of its citizens, it can’t be doing well under the circumstances. A South African friend of mine is teaching in Harare now, she’d be a good contact for you there in your quest to fulfill your resolution. You can check out Verity’s blog at http://internationalnomad.blogspot.com/. Cheers, Jeff

  3. Hi Jeff
    I really appreciate your message. This actually isn’t my project, but have taken it on myself to help out a friend who started it by way of a blog. I had a quick look at your friend’s blog and will read it more in depth and leave a message. Her posts really make the need there take on a new dimension! Thank you for the connection.

    Perhaps you’d be so kind as to also leave a message at the matopo blog? Not many visitors leave messages yet, and every message posted there is a motivator for my friend Cindy to continue with the project.

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