My 2007 – looking back


This year has been a busy one full of learning experiences, and luckily with more happy occasions than sad ones.

On a professional note, here is a list of things I have accomplished, learned, and tried, mainly on the techy side:

  • I took part in the EVO 07 session Open Webpublishing
  • And I am now finished with training and preparing to be a co-moderator in Social Media in EVO 08
  • I joined the Webcast Academy as an intern and began webcasting. And although I haven’t yet graduated, I…
  • have been part of Foodbridges – a great team of teachers from all over the world having a great time talking about food
  • I still can’t get a second life 😦 , but maybe my next computer will allow it
  • I am blogging with my class somewhat successfully (at least I know they read the posts I write!)
  • but I also helped to start the Matopo Primary school blog for a project in Zimbabwe and hope this work will expand in the coming year!
  • Just joined twitter and hope to figure it out soon – but I already have a follower! (thank you Graham 🙂 )
  • Helped my husband make an e-portfolio blog, so now I know how to do it too 🙂
  • Opened the etasblog as SIG learning technologies co-ordinator for ETAS

And more professional stuff:

  • I finished yet another book of the series Young World -which was also accepted as the main course book for early English in my region – yeahh!
  • I began teacher training courses here in Lucerne (and opened a wiki to collect materials)

And I am learning to balance family and work on the computer

All together quite a successful year!


One Response

  1. Hi Illya

    What a busy year! Amazing when you put down everything that you’ve done : )

    I liked your bit about balancing family and work on the computer – now that is an interesting pivot point!


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