Webcasting – foodbridges

dsc01265.jpgFoodbridges has just had its second show, topic food and family. This time I was trying to stream with Denos.

Streaming itself isn’t really difficult once you have all the settings down. Then it’s simply a matter of not forgetting anything. Usually it’s the most simple thing, like turning something on or correcting the settings if you change microphones.

In any case, we had great fun talking about food with memories, differences between sharing food in different cultures and between man and woman. I enjoy the diversity of foods that we discuss. Dennis Phoenix has a lot of southern US and Russian food to share. Erika and Carla have great bbq stories from Brasil, Cris has Portugese food and Denos can share British and German food, while I tell them what we eat in Switzerland, and of course my favorite foods from my childhood in the US. Now I hope that Denos will let us know what he eats in S. Africa!


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