reading treasures real time

It was a magnificent show we put on on Thursday. The topic was interesting and I learned a lot about what other people use for reading , the focus mainly being on tools and how to use them, especially after the actual readina has been done.
One idea I perticularly liked was that of reading the last 5 minutes of class and then letting the class read more and use the blog to write about it. I will certainly try out this idea. Collaborating and making a book together with the help of a program called also raises inummerable ideas, such as a multi-cultural cookbook, story book, travellog etc.

Here is the first part of the webcast (see attachment):
and here is the second part once we got the show going together:

The experience of doing a webcast within a team was of great value. Since problems with the internet can, will and did happen, we had to work together to find a way of overcoming these problems. It was a great team to work with and I hope to be able to share more webcasts with you. Speaking of which, here are the links to the webcast.
The first link is me alone trying to keep the stream interesting for any listeners who may be with us, and the other is the consequent change of platforms so we were again streaming together.

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