webcasting- first steps

My ventures into webcasting are proving to be frustrating, confusing, elating and satisfying. There is much more to it than I would have suspected, and sometimes I feel like the fly trying to get through the window. I just keep trying and trying, getting a headache int he process. Then miraculously, the window opens.

So first I recorded myself with Audacity – easy. It was also an exercise in editing.
Then I recorded a conversation with Lisa, Alison and a friend of hers on skype – without my side of the conversation (how many sides can a conversation have anyway?)
So I tried again with the nice Skype lady. She didn’t really listen to me, and ended interrupting me – I had so much to say to her. I got it all, but when I tried to talk to Carla, all I got was my side of tht econversation. Put 1 and 1 together and you still get 1.

So when I had a chat with Dennis, no intentions of recording, I decided spontaneously to give it a try, and viola, magic. It worked. Why hadn’t it worked before? I do not know. Could I do the same thing and get it to work again? I should probably try .

Then it was time to stream. And, yes, magic. It worked and produced not one, but two shows (to make up for the failed 1 + 1)

So, here is the link to the interview with Dennis
and here is the link to my first streaming adventure with the help of Jose
and finally, the link to Durff’s explanation of how Skype conferences work

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