I just started as an intern at the webcasting academy and at the moment I’m struggling to record a skype call. So far I’ve downloaded a number of programs successfully and managed my first recorded introduction. Now I’m prepared to record my skype call – both ends!

I find it interesting (though logical at second thought) that I’ve met many people elsewhere and have come across names of others hadn’t yet met before. It really is a community, and they are real pioneers! The many wonderful people I’ve had the honor to deal with are very welcoming and supportive, ready to give a hand at any time.

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  1. Try our easy-to-use Skype recording feature that doesn’t require any SW downloads — it operates right from within our Skype client. Get a Free Evoca account to try it https://www.evoca.com/signup/signup.jsp and see how it works at: http://www.evoca.com/skype/. Everyone’s voice counts! Murem

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