Blogging Swiss politicians

Here in Switzerland one of the Bundesrat (we have 5 governing officials!) started a blog. he is currently also the minister of environmental affairs and has raised a lot of interest through his blogging. Mr. Bundesrat Leuenberger started on March 14 2007, so just over a week prior to this post. It has been a huge success. Apparently, there is a huge desire to put in one’s own two cents at the top. Some posts have over 500 comments!!!

This is the first I’ve heard of government officials blogging, but it could be the beginning of a new acceptance for such tools outside the homes and offices of ‘techno-geeks’ like I am currently considered. If so, this could also mean that we may become more successful in integrating blogs in schools. They are already a part of the software being used in the e-learning platform at the pedagogical university I work at.

Is there a change on the horizon, or am I simply too optimistic?


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