blogging as a window – an extraordinary opportunity

I found this video on
a blog I regularly visit and can recommend for thought-provoking topics. It’s hosted by Andy Carvin.

Amanda Baggs is autistic. She has learned our language and communicates through her blog.
She has also made a film on youtube. In the first section she is communicating in her language. In the second part she translates her language for us.
Please watch the whole video (about 8 minutes). I was incredibly moved by this example of communication – a window to a place very few people have ever had the opportunity to experience.

What does this mean to me? Well, I need time to think about it, but I would be very interested in comments and reactions from others.

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  1. You’re right: THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING – opens a whole new dimension! I’ll have to look at communication with other eyes as well! Thx for sharing this.

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