First podcasting 2

I just tried my first podcast. It seemed like it would be easy, but I had all sorts of problems to deal with. The first was finding my old password (I signed up with podomatic a year ago:-0)
Then I tried recording, but the first couple of times it only recorded the first half second :-/.
So then I meandered off to odeo. No luck there. I got tired of waiting for it to download so I read through all the new blog posts. I reloaded it, tried again with podomatic while I was waiting – again! and was successful!!!
I got through and managed to log in to odeo, but now I’waiting for odeo to finish downloading my audio. I’ll try it out another time, I haven’t given up!!!
well, so much for first podcasting. I’d like to thank hubby for the musical background – it’s live!!

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  1. Hi Illya, it is really frustrating when one wants to experiment with tools and they are temperamental that day. Something you can try is to sign up again as a new user. Very frequently when I sign up and they say my username is taken is because I have signed up before and don´t even remember. I have 3 passwords for everything so I just try the three and if I remember, I write it down in a password word document I have in my laptop desktop (no banks included, though). I hope to come back and listen to you, although I have already from live sessions and Chinswing.
    Cheer up and hope to see you tomorrow, Berta

  2. Hi Illya,

    I had already seen this video. One of my grad students pointed it out to me. It really is quite moving and thought-provoking.

    I hope we will keep in touch as keep we keep learning and exploring the wonders of the Internet.


  3. Hi Maryanne
    Since I’ve got your blog aggregated, I’ll certainly be following your thoughts if you continue to post. If you use another one, please let me know the url. I think this is a great way of keeping in touch and learning from each other outside the frame of a class, workshop, etc.
    🙂 Illya

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