A week behind and feeling a bit overwhelmed.
However, I am diligently working to catch up. I also find myself hesitating to jump in and start podcasting and vlogging. why?
I guess this is the hesitation I know from my students. There seems to be so much to do and somehow other things distract me (like watching TV with the kids, family members generally being around and listening in).
However, the seed has been planted and I hope to make my first successful podcast soon. The idea has been watered and fertilized, and I know that as soon as it takes root, it will shoot to the sky!

And what does this mean for my teaching? sow them seeds and water them. Nurture them even when there is no apparent growth.

Come back next time to hear from me!

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2 Responses

  1. I surely will come back to enjoy your podcast as I have enjoyed this post full of imagery … which has also nurtured me visually.
    Now I need some hearing stimulus as well.

    Cariños, Berta

  2. Illya I have also been falling behind these last two weeks. Unfortunately school started and I really have very little time left. I will always visit you blog and see what you have created. I´m sure it will grow very big and I will be able to listen to many podcasts.

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