Meme moved, comments lost -apologies- moving on, learning

I decided the Meme belonged on my self page. While trying to move it I deleted all the wonderful comments. I guess these things happen when learning, and now that it has, I think I’ve figured out how I could have done it differently. So, sorry to those of you who commented.

Now, my thoughts about what happened.

First, making mistakes is learning. Someone who is afraid of making mistakes won’t learn – a major problem in language classrooms, but also in using technology. Okay, some things can’t be fixed, like the comments – gone. But now I know that I need to make clearer decisions about what goes where.

I’ve learned something about pages versus posts. I’ve also reflected on what goes on the blog and how it may be used. Do I want it there? Can I control who reads it? Of course not. I don’t want to anyway because I want to encourage discussion, reflexion and an open community. But the strength of wordpress blogs is that you can place things, store things in certain places without leaving them to the chronological decay (into the archives) of the normal blogging process, or put them aside in their very own container of a page where you can leave them or take them away.


2 Responses

  1. I can see all the comments I made, along with those others have made on the same posts so maybe you can reconstruct all the comments if we work collaboratively to achieve that for you. In wordpress, going to dashboard and then to My Comments –we see it all there.

  2. Hi Illya, thanks for keeping my “secret”, ha, ha … it can be inferred from the comments, but the reader has to do his/her homework, as you did.
    Deleting things is part of my daily life, unfortunately, especially when I write long emails. I try to start in a word document and then cut and paste, but sometimes I don´t know I will write that long … what I have found about wordpress is that you can set privacy to some posts, for example, and even a password. Don´t ask me how it is done, but I have seen that mentioned in the tutotials and help pages.
    As Laine says, check the comments section in the dashboard. Comments appear there chronologically, even the ones you have posted in other people´s wordpress blogs (before and after your comment, btw).
    Till next time,

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