Starting out

This is the first post on my new Blogfolio.

I’m not quite sure what direction this will go, but isn’t that the most interesting thing about a new journey!?


11 Responses

  1. Lovely header and soft colours! Looking forward to your reflections.

  2. I like the header. It is so relaxing. I´ll be coming back to see where the journey is taking youto. Warm regards, Berta

  3. I, too, look forward to reading what you have to tell us. That’s what I love about blogging — we can all learn so much from each other!

  4. Dear Illya,
    The good thing about your journey is that you are not alone. Just remember how we were at the beginning of 2006. How many things have we incorporated and we will continue discovering this new world together!!
    Bye for now my ciber friend

  5. Illya, there has been a nice conversation going on over at IT Forum ( about “Learning Wisdom” with Clark Quinn as Facilitator. I think a good deal of your comments about ethics may also fall into the thoughts expressed in this forum. I thought you might enjoy the read.

    PS. Seems like I remember somewhere in the archives that there was also a discussion on “EthicsA” and learning. It’s been some time ago, so you may have to hunt for it.


  6. How wonderful to be in such a community! Thank you for all the kind comments – they are so motivating (good to remeber in one’s own teaching!)

    Thanks for the tip elderbob! I’ll go have a look and let you know here what I think of it 🙂

  7. Dear Illya,

    Thank you for recommending the change of the picture header. I’ve managed to put a pick of the so-called Boating Lake which is just outside the town where I live.
    I’ll come back regularly to read about your journey. 🙂
    For the time being, let’s enjoy the beginning of the path we took together with this great community!
    Warm regards,

    PS.: I also think that highlighting the importance of ethical behaviour is a must when getting students engaged in online activities. I couldn’t agree more with Clarence Fisher -I also listened to his great talk- and with you guys who echoed his words here. Here goes a link to the Global Voices Manifesto ( I usually discuss the content of this important document with my students before getting them involved in a telecollaborative project. We even end up pledging to it. 🙂

  8. Hi Janos
    I’m sorry, but your comment was marked as spam 😦 As you can see, I’ve fixed it and hope to see you again here.
    It’s amazing how similar our headings are, don’t you think?

  9. Hi Illya!
    Great start and interesting comments!!
    You asked about my template and I thought I’d reply here as well as on my blog 😉
    I used “Regulus by Ben Gillbanks” which comes with an “About” page and allows you to create other static pages. It also has a selection of headers but I see you have a very beautiful peaceful one already!
    Well done so far and onwards and forwards it is with this “homework” and FUN,

  10. Dear Illya,

    Hereby I kindly invite you to take part in a meme game that is running all around the blogosphere. I have been invited by Barbara Dieu. So basically, the idea is for each blogger who accepts the invitation to reveal five things most people don’t know about them and then to pass the ball to five other bloggers by tagging them.
    Hope to read your posting soon.
    Warm regards,

  11. Hi, Illya,

    Congrats on your decision to join this group of innovators, on your blog, on your reflections, on your willingness to enrich your daily teaching practices.
    We are more and more every day, and you can see that by the number of colleagues that leave messages here and there, how our blogosphere is extending its boundaries everywhere. Which also adds to my personal joy, as I also used to feel –and still do feel in my place!– many people’s resistence to open their eyes to a different world.

    We must be proud of ourselves, we are true pioneers!

    All my best wishes,


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